Lesson 23 — Final assessment


Digital Analytics Fundamentals — Final assessment

  1. What should always be the first step of creating a measurement plan?

     Setting up Google Analytics goals

     Determining what segments you want to use for analysis

     Choosing the KPIs that you’ll use to assess your performance

     Outlining your digital strategies and tactics

     Defining your overall business objective

  2. True or False: Your key performance indicators (KPIs) are automatically tracked as Goals in Google Analytics.

     True. No additional implementation is required since Goals are tracked automatically.

     False. You must set up your goals once you identify the KPIs you want to track.

  3. In Google Analytics, "attribution" most commonly refers to:

     Assigning which conversions should be tracked for your site or mobile app

     Assigning which marketing channels get credit for conversions

     Assigning the value of an ecommerce purchase

     Assigning which property you want to collect data in for each of your websites and apps 

  4. Which of the following are metrics?

    Check all that apply.

     Site Search Term


     Avg. Time on Page

     Goal Conversion Rate

  5. Which of the following are dimensions?

    Check all that apply.


     Event Category

     Bounce Rate

     Ad Content

    Если вам нужны ответы по Google Analytics для сдачи теста (экзамена) на сертификацию, то:

    Все ответы на Google Analytics вы можете скачать на этой странице

    Скачать ответы на Google Analytics

    Google Analytics
    90 мин. 70 вопросов. 80% проходной балл. Период действия: 18 мес.

  6. By default, when does a user’s session (or "visit") end according to Google Analytics?

     After 30 minutes, regardless of how active the user is on your website

     The session ends once the user opens another window in the browser

     The session ends once the user is inactive for 30 minutes or more

     Immediately when the user closes the browser

  7. Which of the following Google Analytics tools would you use to permanently exclude website traffic from your internal employees from your reports?

     A filter in a standard report that you apply after the data is processed

     A filter in a Custom Report that you apply after the data is processed

     The Plot Rows feature that you apply after the data is processed to show internal employee traffic versus customer traffic 

     A filter that you create in the Admin settings and apply to your report view

  8. True or False. If you make a mistake implementing a filter you can always correct it by fixing the filter and reprocessing the historical data.



  9. Which of the following is NOT a standard Google Analytics campaign variable?





  10. Which of the following traffic source / medium combinations would NOT be detected by Google Analytics automatically and would require manual tagging for customization?

     google / organic

     nytimes.com / display

     wikipedia.com / referral

     direct / (none)

     bing.com / organic

  11. What do you need to do to track interactions that happen within a page of your website, like downloading a PDF, or clicking "play" and "stop" on an embedded video player?

     Nothing. These interactions are automatically tracked by Google Analytics.

     Have a developer implement Event Tracking code for each interaction you want to track.

     Adjust your account settings to indicate which interactions should be tracked.

     Use campaign link tagging to identify users who complete particular interactions on your site.

  12. Add campaign link tags to the URL http://www.mysite.com/home so that traffic to the link would show in the All Traffic report as "coupon / email" and in the Campaigns report as "springsale". Enter the tagged URL here.

  13. You own three different websites that operate independently but are all a part of the same company. Which of the following is the best way to set up your Google Analytics account for these sites?

     Create three different accounts, one for each website, so that no account settings overlap for the sites.

     Create three different properties, one for each website, so that each site has its own unique tracking code.

     Create three different views under the same property (one for each website) so that the data for all three sites is aggregated in your reports.

     None of these options will work.

  14. Which of the pages below would match a goal with the following settings: Destination begins with /orderconfirmed

    Check all that apply.





  15. Which of the following are reasons to implement Ecommerce tracking in addition to Goals?

    Check all that apply.

     To see which campaigns lead to the sale of particular products

     To monetize goals such as newsletter sign-ups

     To track revenue generated by the website

     To enable an online payment system

  16. A user visits your website and subscribes to your newsletter, which you are tracking as a Goal. The user’s colleague then immediately subscribes to the same newsletter using the same computer and browser. How many conversions will be recorded in Google Analytics?




  17. Within a 30-day period a user visits your website first from a social media ad, then from a banner ad on a news site, and then from a paid search ad. On the final visit the user submits a "Contact" form that you track as a Goal conversion. Which of the following statements are true about how the user’s activity will be reported?

    Check all that apply.

     The social media ad will get all the credit for the conversion because it was the first source that brought the user to your site.

     The social media ad and the banner ad will be given credit in the Multi-Channel Funnels reports as "assisting interactions."

     In the All Traffic report all three traffic sources will get credit for the conversion.

     In the All Traffic report only the paid search ad will get credit for the conversion.

  18. You have been asked to find opportunities to increase the number of users who complete the three-step account sign-up process on your site. Which of the following analyses would be most useful for your investigation?

    Choose three.

     Using the All Traffic report to identify which traffic sources have the highest conversion rate.

     Using the Landing Pages report to identify which landing pages have the highest conversion rate.

     Using the All Pages report to identify which pages have the most pageviews.

     Using the Goal Flow report to identify which of the three steps has the highest drop-off rate.

  19. Which of the following reports allows you to identify the terms visitors use to conduct searches within your site?

    Check all that apply.

     Keyword report

     Site Search report

     Matched Search Queries report

     Search Engine Optimization report

  20. You want to create a report in Google Analytics that shows you the Visits and Ecommerce Conversion Rate broken out by both the dimensions Medium and City. How could you create this report?

    Check all that apply.

     Adjust the primary dimension of the Locations report to "City" and add a secondary dimension of "Medium." Then switch the metric group to "Ecommerce."

     Adjust the primary dimension of the All Traffic report to "Medium" and add a secondary dimension of "City." Then switch the metric group to "Ecommerce."

     Create a Custom Report with the dimensions "Medium" and "City" and the metrics "Visits" and "Ecommerce Conversion Rate."

     You can find this data in the default Locations report without adjusting any settings.

     It is not possible to create this report in Google Analytics.


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